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Eliminate Returns

Guarantee your customers a perfect fit from their very first order and avoid the hassle of returns. customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Increase confidence in sizing for a smooth buying experience, enhancing customer loyalty. cost savings


Save on the long-term costs of resizing and returns, optimizing your operations and bottom line.

New Era of Ring Sizing

Redefining the ring-shopping experience by offering a taste of the perfect fit before finalizing the purchase. Engineered to alleviate common sizing errors and offer a consistent, universal fit, factoring in ring width, profile and daily size fluctuations.

Fully customizable remote ring sizing solution

Fully Customizable

You can select the width, material, add detailed engraving and custom packaging to create ring sizers that perfectly represent your brand.

Unique Selling Point

Elevate your brand with a standout feature. Gain a competitive edge by offering an unmatched sizing experience for your customers.

Our Ring Sizers vs. Others

Our ring sizers address the inconsistencies between brands, countries and conversion charts, allow for day-to-day size fluctuations, and give a true wear-before-you-commit experience, ensuring a perfect fit with millimeter accuracy.

User Experience Features
Technical Features

Set Sizes & Packaging Options

You can choose the number of sizers in each set to suit your specific needs. We offer different packaging options to match your branding and logistical preferences. ring sizer packaging options

Your Future Customer Feedback ring sizers


Completely free, no shipping charge, no strings attached. See the value for yourself.


Our pricing is tailored to fit each of our customers' specific needs. Please fill out the contact form below, along with your contact preference, and one of our team will reach out to discuss a personalized quote that matches your preferences and requirements. premium vs standard ring sizers home

Brought To You By Ring Crafters

Meet the team behind

Alex Brent

Alex Brent


Alex is a ring enthusiast, making rings for over 10 years. In 2019, he established RingCraftUK, forging valuable connections within the industry. While dealing directly with ring makers, Alex frequently heard about his customers' sizing challenges, inspiring him to seek a solution. This led to the creation of

Thomas Thornhill

Kaapo Hoppe

Co-Founder & CBDO

Kaapo has a wealth of experience in online marketing and customer care. Whilst undertaking work for RingCraftUK, Alex saw him as the perfect partner to propel forward with him. Kaapo's deep passion for the product served as a driving force behind his involvement in the company. home

Ring Sizer Sets

Our ring sizers are sent out in sets. A set will consist of 3,5,7 or more sizers depending on your requirements. Covering at least a whole size either side of the estimated size of your customer works best.Here are some examples to illustrate the different set sizes in both our standard and lay-flat packaging:

Set of 3

With only 3 sizers in the set this is the most cost-effective option. Only recommended for retailers who sell exclusively in full sizes. set of 3 sizers

Set of 7

This set caters to retailers offering rings in half-size increments, extending the range by an additional half-size beyond the usual buffer to handle greater variations in customers' size estimations. It's also suitable for those selling in quarter sizes, assuming customers have a fairly accurate estimate of their size. set of 7 sizers

Set of 5

The most common option for retailers selling in half-size increments, offering a straightforward range without any extras. set of 5 sizers

Set of 9

The safest option for retailers selling in quarter size steps covering a whole size on either side of the customer's estimated size. set of 9 sizers

Custom Packaging

We provide personalized packaging options that seamlessly integrate your ring sizers with your brand identity, to leave a memorable impression on your customers.


Designed to reduce shipping costs while maintaining the high-end look and feel you and your customers expect.Inside, each sizer lies flat, secured by a sleek ribbon. lay-flat packaging


Made to prioritise convenience and presentation.Inside, each sizer stands upright, nestled in foam for easy access and selection. standard packaging

Design your own today!

About Us

Why you should choose us for your ring sizing needs. our story

At, we're passionate about redefining the way the public experiences the world of rings. Our goal is simple: to provide you with a high-quality ring sizing solution that actually takes into account every factor impacting sizing to effectively solve all ring sizing-related problems for your business and make finding the perfect ring size a breeze for your customers.Through years of trial and error; trying multiple sizing tools, we have finally come up with a tool that ensures your customer will receive a ring that is guaranteed to fit them the very first time they put it on.We are dedicated to three core values that drive us forward: Innovation, Reliability, and Customer Satisfaction.

innovating online ring sizing

Innovation is revolutionizing the world of ring sizing, offering the world's most accurate ring sizers crafted from various high-quality metals or using 3D Printing Technology.We have adapted to various different ring designs and specifications, ensuring a perfect fit where traditional methods often fall short. Our advanced, versatile sizers capture the feel of various ring styles, guaranteeing that customers find their exact match. This approach elevates the shopping experience and significantly reduces returns and remakes.We are on a mission to set the new gold standard in ring sizing, and with our commitment to quality and innovation, we will ensure every ring fits flawlessly. #1 ring sizer quality


Quality is among our top priorities. We exceed industry standards with a ring sizing solution that feels as premium as it performs. Our sizers are crafted using the latest CNC machinery and FDM systems. With options for laser engraving and custom packaging, we emphasize even the smallest, often overlooked details.We aim to outperform traditional sizing tools in every aspect, including quality by featuring top-notch materials and craftsmanship. Providing this level of detail at competitive rates ensures you receive unparalleled value, making every sizer feel custom-made to your clients. #1 customer support

Customer Service

Your satisfaction is at the forefront of our business. We understand that navigating the world of ring sizing can be challenging, and we are here to support you every step of the way. We place emphasis on customer service to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. We take a personalized approach to each client to make sure you have a full understanding of the sizing solution and end up with the exact specifications that best suit your business.When you choose us, you're selecting a partner wholly focused on mastering ring sizing, giving you peace of mind that your needs are fully met in this crucial area.


Benefits for your Clients

Our sizers are intricately designed using our 3D customization software and manufactured with the latest CNC machinery. This method is accurate down to a +/- 0.05mm tolerance if required (1/16th US ring size), ensuring they closely replicate the final ring's feel. Our sizers not only eliminate the typical user errors associated with conventional tools but also address the challenges posed by varying conversion charts across different brands and countries.

Ring width and profile significantly influence its fit. For example, a 2mm wide ring and a 10mm wide ring could vary by up to a full size in perceived fit. Both the width and the chosen profile (standard or comfort fit) play crucial roles in determining how the ring will fit best on your customers fingers. Our sizers are available in both standard and comfort fits. The importance of understanding the difference is paramount as comfort fit rings will feel different from their standard counterparts.

The ease with which a ring slides over the knuckle is influenced by its width, fit, and the individual's knuckle size. A wider ring or one with a standard fit might require a bit more effort, especially if the knuckle is prominent. On the other hand, a comfort fit, which is rounded inside, often allows for smoother sliding over the knuckle. Using our sizers, tailored to the specific widths and fits of your collections guarantees that you'll identify not only the right size but also the most comfortable fit for your customer's unique knuckle shape and size.

Finger sizes fluctuate due to various factors like time of day, temperature, and physical activity. By wearing our sizers over the course of a day or two, you capture these natural variations. This ensures that the size your customer settles on will remain comfortable at any time of day, avoiding a scenario where if a finger was measured in the morning, their ring may become uncomfortably tight by evening.

Absolutely! Our premium sizers allow for full customization. You can select from profiles such as court, dome, and flat, and even add features like beveled edges. Furthermore, we offer the option of personal engravings.

With a range of materials including Stainless Steel, Titanium, Carbon fiber, or even 925 silver, we can match your sizers to allow your customers to feel the different textures and weights of each.

By providing multiple sizes in a single pack, we eliminate the guesswork typically associated with traditional sizing. It allows you to try on multiple sizes, ensuring you pinpoint your perfect fit.

Benefits for Jewelers & Retailers

Our ring sizers are meticulously designed to minimize sizing-related complications such as remakes and returns. This reduces the time spent on administrative tasks, customer inquiries, and discussions about sizing discrepancies, both before and after sales.

Using our sizers ensures that the ring size is accurate the first time around. Many retailers absorb the cost of free resizing, an expensive process that can be avoided. By reducing remakes, overheads are cut down, directly translating to savings.

Our sizers provide an immersive "wear-before-you-buy" experience, with options to feel different materials and exact dimensions. This comprehensive approach ensures the customer gets a real feel of their future ring, enhancing satisfaction levels.

Accurate sizing means there's little to no room for errors, which ensures rings are made right the first time. Especially for occasions with tight timelines, like weddings or anniversaries, our sizers enable retailers to confidently meet delivery dates without delays from resizing or returns.

Custom branding on the sizers and packaging offers a personalized touch, elevating the professional image of a retailer. This attention to detail makes a lasting impression on clients, fostering brand recall and loyalty.

Yes, our premium sizers can be tailored to match exact dimension requirements. This flexibility ensures that your customers get a true feel of their future ring, setting you apart from competitors.

Offering a tactile experience of diverse materials, from stainless steel to gold-plated or carbon fiber, allows your brand to align the sizers with its identity. It provides customers with a premium experience, showcasing the retailer's commitment to quality.

Sizer Distribution Options

Absolutely! While we recommend a pack of five based on our extensive research to achieve optimal results, we offer flexibility to retailers. You can choose to redistribute the sizers in any quantity or size combination that aligns best with your business strategy and customer needs.

It's entirely up to the retailer. Some of our partners ask customers to return the sizers after use, while others see value in allowing customers to keep them. For instance, one of our current clients requests returns but has observed a return rate of about 75%. Letting customers keep the sizers can enhance the perceived value and customer experience, while returns can be more cost-effective for the retailer in the long run, despite not always getting every sizer back.

Both strategies have been adopted with success. Charging separately for the sizers can position them as a premium service, adding an additional revenue stream. On the other hand, integrating the cost into your pricing structure can enhance customer satisfaction, as it feels like a value-added service. The decision hinges on your target audience and business model.

Additional FAQ’s

Our premium sizers are crafted using top-tier materials, ensuring they withstand regular handling and maintain their appearance and accuracy over time.

Our sizers are intuitive and user-friendly. While they leverage advanced technology, they're designed to be straightforward for both your team and customers to use. We also provide comprehensive guidance to help your team transition smoothly.

We value our retail partners and are keen on building long-term relationships. For bulk purchases, please reach out to us for special pricing details.

Our commitment is to ensure timely deliveries without compromising on quality. The delivery timeframe can vary based on order volume and customization details. Please contact our support team for specific timelines.

We stand by the quality and precision of our sizers. They come with a warranty covering any manufacturing defects. Please refer to our warranty policy ( for comprehensive details.

Our dedicated support team is available to assist with any post-purchase inquiries or concerns. Whether it's about product usage, maintenance, or any other queries, we're here to help.

We understand the importance of firsthand experience. Retailers interested in a demo or sample can contact our sales team for arrangements. #1 home page


Direct-to-Customer Sizing Sets

Coming Soon: Simplify ring sizing for your customers with accurate sizing sets individually fulfilled by up to be among the first to know when this service launches.

The Blog

Ring Sizing Blog

17 November, 2023

Things to consider when finding the perfect ring size

Ring Sizing Blog
Ring Sizing Blog #1 home page
Things to consider when finding the perfect ring size

Things To Consider When Finding The Perfect Ring Size

On Nov 17, 2023


Discovering your ideal ring size can be quite the adventure!In this guide, we aim to provide you with all the necessary information and factors to consider to assist you in determining your optimal ring size.We would also like to introduce you to a new product / service we are providing to alleviate all sizing concerns.

How should a ring fit?

When choosing a ring size, it's important to prioritize your comfort. Your ring should fit snugly enough to prevent it from slipping off, yet it should also be loose enough to easily slide over your knuckle and account for any natural changes in finger size that occur during the day.As a general guideline, your ring should be easy to put on but require a bit of effort to remove. Most importantly, it should feel comfortable on your finger while you're wearing it.There are various other factors that you may not have considered

Different Sizes Across Different Countries / Brands / Manufacturers

Finding your perfect ring size can sometimes be challenging due to discrepancies between countries, brands, and conversion size charts.Many countries have their own unique ring sizing systems, such as the UK, US, European, or Asian systems, which can cause confusion when trying to determine your size across international borders.Additionally, various jewelry brands have their own specific sizing standards, leading to inconsistencies even within the same country.Moreover, online conversion size charts, which aim to convert ring sizes from one system to another, can vary in accuracy and reliability. These discrepancies can make it difficult to ensure a precise fit when purchasing rings internationally or from different brands.

Finger size changing throughout the day

Did you know that your finger size can fluctuate throughout the day due to several factors such as physical activity, hydration, hormones, and even the weather?Therefore, it is crucial to obtain an accurate measurement of your ring size not just once, but several times over a day or two to ensure you know your perfect fit.Wearing an ill-fitting ring can be uncomfortable and even cause it to slip off, leading to potential loss or damage, particularly when the ring features set stones or precious gems.

Width of band

Wider bands have a more snug fit than narrow bands, It is recommended to go up a ¼ US size for 5/6mm rings and a ½ size for rings 8mm and over.

Standard fit vs. comfort fit

Certain rings may feature a comfort fit design that includes a slightly curved inner band for enhanced comfort and ease of wear. Standard fit rings are normally measured to the leading edge of the ring when measured on a mandrell, whereas a comfort fit is measured from the center.It's important to note that this difference affects the ring's fit and size, which is why it's essential to take this difference into account when determining your perfect size.

Knuckle size

If you have larger knuckles don’t forget that you’ll need the ring to slide over your knuckle without too much difficulty. This is particularly an issue for those who have arthritis in their finger joints, so take special care with measuring your ring size if that's the case.

With so much to consider, how do I find my perfect ring size?

Currently available solutions for finding your size

Common Home Measuring Systems

String Method: This method involves wrapping a piece of string around the finger and marking the point where the string overlaps. The string is then measured against a ruler to determine the circumference of the finger. This measurement is then used to determine the ring size based on a conversion chart.Print Out Paper Method: This method involves printing out a ring size chart. The user then places a ring they already own over the printed circles to find the closest match, determining their ring size.Despite the ease of these home measuring systems, they come with several drawbacks when compared to using a physical sizer:1. Inaccuracy: Both methods are prone to user error and can lead to inaccurate results. The string can easily slip or stretch, and printing settings can affect the accuracy of the paper ring size chart. In contrast, a physical sizer, like a Finger Gauge Sizer or a Ring Sizer Mandrel, provides a more accurate and precise measurement, minimizing chances of error.2. Limited Consideration for Specifics: These home methods fail to consider factors such as the width of the desired band or different fit preferences (comfort fit vs. standard fit), which can significantly affect the ring's fit. In contrast, some physical ring sizers, particularly those that come as a set of multiple rings, offer the chance to try on various sizes and find the one that fits best, allowing for a more tailored and precise fitting experience.

Physical Ring Sizers

For ring sizing precision, physical ring sizers are superior. There are several types, including the zip tie tool, ring sizer mandrel, and finger gauge sizer set, each with pros and cons.The zip tie tool is affordable and easily accessible. However, it's extremely prone to user error and uses international size units, leading to potential inaccuracies. It also doesn't account for band width, fit preferences, or the ease of sliding the ring over the knuckle.The ring sizer mandrel, a conical metal rod with size markings, allows users to compare their existing ring size. It offers enhanced accuracy but can be costly. It is important to consider differences in sizes between different mandrels due to different brands, production methods and international sizing standards. It also doesn't consider fit preferences, or ease of sliding the ring over the knuckle.The finger gauge sizer set, comprising metal or plastic rings of various sizes, enables a snug fit for accurate sizing.. Despite its high accuracy, there are still differences to consider due to brand and country size differences, conversion charts. It also doesn't consider band width, fit preferences,and may be pricier and less available than other options.Finally, the majority of the physical ring sizers on the market are made in China by a multitude of different manufacturers. The discrepancies in production methods, conversion charts, and even the tolerances / accuracy of the tools themselves still leaves the market without a remote ring sizing solution that is guaranteed to work every time.


The Challenge & Our Solution: The world of remote ring sizing is fraught with inconsistencies and inaccuracies, often leaving customers and retailers frustrated. Recognizing this, and SureFit Ring Sizers have collaborated to create a game-changing solution.With over a decade and a half of industry experience, we've developed a sizing tool that addresses all the common issues. Our customers' enthusiastic reviews are a testament to its effectiveness. #1 home page #1 home page

Terms and Conditions for Introduction
Welcome to Our services include providing the #1 Most Accurate Ring Sizing Solution on the market, consisting of physical ring sizing kits tailored for brands and retailers to facilitate accurate ring sizing in online shopping.
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6. Disclaimer of Liability
While we strive for accuracy and efficacy in our ring sizing solutions, we cannot guarantee that they will be error-free or suitable for every individual circumstance. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the use of our products, except to the extent that such liability cannot be excluded by law.
7. Data Protection and Privacy
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10. Amendments
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11. Contact Information
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Effective Date: 25 November 2023 #1 home page Warranty Policy1. Warranty Coverage warrants that all ring sizers ("Product") sold are free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service. This warranty extends for 6 months from the date of purchase.
2. What is Covered
This warranty covers any defects in materials and workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. If a defect arises and a valid claim is received within the warranty period, we will exchange the Product with a new or refurbished Product.
3. What is Not Covered
This warranty does not cover problems caused by conditions, malfunctions, or damage not resulting from defects in material or workmanship. This includes, but is not limited to:
- Damage resulting from misuse, abuse, negligence, accidents
- Deterioration due to normal wear and tear
- Modifications or alterations to the Product
4. How to Make a Claim
To make a warranty claim, please contact our customer service team at You will need to provide:
- Proof of purchase
- Description of the defect
- Any relevant photos or documentation
5. Shipping Costs
Customers are responsible for shipping costs for returning the defective Product. If the warranty claim is valid, will cover the shipping costs of the repaired or replacement Product back to the customer.
6. Limitation of Warranty
This warranty is your exclusive warranty and replaces all other warranties or conditions, whether expressed or implied, including any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
7. Governing Law
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3. Data Usage
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4. Data Storage and Security
We take the security of your personal information seriously. Data is stored on secure servers and protected by advanced encryption and security technologies. We continually update and review our security practices to safeguard your information from unauthorized access or disclosure.
5. Third-Party Access
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6. User Rights
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7. Cookies and Tracking
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8. Policy Updates
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9. Contact Information
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Effective Date: 25 November 2023 #1 home page

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